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Say Yes to The Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting (Canada Wide)

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Say Yes to The Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting aims to help exhausted parents with private coaching, get their infant or toddler sleeping soundly, so parents can start to feel like themselves again, and their child can get the sleep that they need. Using proven strategies and expertise in sleep training, Say Yes to The Rest has helped countless parents, giving them the tools and support necessary to help their child get the sleep that they need.

As a mom of two, I understand how debilitating sleep struggles can be and trying to manage it alone can feel like a constant, exhausting uphill battle. Say Yes to the Rest’s sleep coaching does not offer a “one size fits all” approach, but instead offers customized gentle and compassionate sleep plans to suit your family’s dynamic and your infant’s specific needs. Working together, we will establish consistent routines and schedule, tackle specific sleep struggles, and implement effective techniques to help your little one develop healthy, independent sleep habits.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle your day with a new sense of ease. By investing in your child’s sleep, you are investing in not only their growth and development, but your overall well-being and your entire family’s as well. From one mom to another, it is okay to ask for support and guidance. Don’t let exhaustion define your motherhood journey, take the first step towards a well-rested and happier mommy-hood, and a well rested baby.



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