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Plume Sleep Solutions (Canada Wide)

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Parenthood does not need to mean months or years of sleep deprivation! As a Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant and Registered Nurse I work closely with parents to ensure their family gets the rest they need! I empower families with evidence-based education and provide practical strategies that effectively improve their baby or toddler's sleep quickly. After working together your sleep will be totally transformed and will feel confident navigating your child's sleep as they grow. 

My comprehensive sleep support packages are tailored to meet the unique needs of tired parents and their little ones.
Expectant/Newborn Package: SLEEP SHAPING FOR 0-12 WEEKS
Prepare for a harmonious sleep experience right from the start! This package is designed for families looking to lay a healthy sleep foundation from birth. It's not about sleep training but rather gentle sleep shaping, ensuring your newborn embraces restful nights and nurturing sleep habits.
Infant Sleep Support: SLEEP COACHING FOR 3-17 MONTHS
Have you been in survival mode getting little to no sleep? Are you battling bedtime, frequent middle of the night wakings, early mornings or short naps? If you are feeling totally drained and overwhelmed after trying every solution out there, know you are not alone and there is a solution. Navigating the world of infant sleep can be challenging, but with my expert guidance I will guide your family to bring rest and relaxation back to your household in 3 weeks or less.
Toddler/Older Children Sleep SupportSLEEP COACHING FOR 18+ MONTHS 
Transform bedtime battles into serene sleep routines with my specialized support for toddlers and older children. Whether you're dealing with bedtime resistance, night waking, or transitioning to a big kid bed, I'll provide personalized strategies to foster a calm and consistent sleep experience for your growing child.

Ask Me Anything Calls: For families with independent sleepers, these personalized calls offer a lifeline to ongoing support. Whether you're facing new challenges or seeking reassurance, these calls provide you with direct access to expert advice, ensuring a continuous journey toward peaceful nights and well-rested days.




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